Welcome to R.L. Stevenson Elementary School

R. L. Stevenson Elementary is proud to be an International Baccalaureate School. We strive for excellence and believe in each and every child!  Our goal is to guide each of our young scholars to succeed both academically and socially. We hold high expectations for all and nurture our entire Stevenson community to be lifelong learners that contribute to the greater good. 

We provide a positive and safe learning environment. Stevenson CARES is our motto. We cooperate with each other, we work to show our appreciation for each individual student and their unique characteristics, we respect ourselves, one another, and our school, and through empathy, we learn to exhibit the qualities that teach us how to embrace our diversity.

Put it all together and Cooperation + Appreciation + Respect + Empathy = SUCCESS!

School News

Fridley Community Resource Night

All Fridley Public Schools families are invited to attend Fridley Community Resource Night, hosted by our school social workers, on November 1 from 5-8 PM at the Fridley Community Center.

Fridley High School leaders partner with Fridley Preschool

A new partnership opportunity is connecting FHS students with the youngest students in the district, Fridley Preschoolers. As part of the high school’s Leadership class, grade 9-12 students visit the Preschool weekly to interact and play games with our youngest learners, and gain leadership skills as they build meaningful relationships.

October Employee of the Month - Cami Herder

Congratulations to Fridley Public Schools October 2021 Employee of the Month, Cami Herder! Herder currently serves as the Preschool Childcare Program Manager at the FCC.

Fridley Public Schools Seeking Community Feedback on ARP Plan

Fridley Public Schools wants to gather feedback from its community on its ARP Plan. The district is seeking federal grant funding that has been made available to states to help public schools' recovery during the pandemic. Click for details.

September Employee of the Month - Katie Brown

Congratulations to Fridley Public Schools September 2021 Employee of the Month, Katie Brown! Brown serves as the secretary to both the Preschool Principal and the Director of Finance and Operations

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