About Learning Academy

We are excited to offer Targeted Services opportunities that will give students the tools that will help make them more successful at school, and we encourage you to register your child for these classes. In an effort to ensure that we are adequately using resources to meet the needs of students, classes and opportunities provided through Targeted Services are available based on specific needs of families. Please be aware that acceptance into Targeted Services class is not automatic or guaranteed, but is based on an evaluation of additional targeted support that your child may need.

About Targeted Services/Learning Academy:

  • Targeted Services/Learning Academy is our after school learning opportunities for students. Teachers have designed the classes and families will now have an opportunity to register their children for these classes.

  • All classes will run from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

  • Activity camps are under the guidance of Targeted Services and serve as after school opportunities to provide students with specific interventions to help students achieve success. Student progress will be measured and recorded using a continual learning plan. Please be sure the class goals match the needs of your child. Students with teacher recommendation will be given higher priority when registering.

Bus Information:

All students will need to be either a parent pick up or transported by the bus. No child is allowed to walk home. NWSISD busing can transport during the school year. On the registration form please take care to mark your form of transportation so your child’s registration will not be delayed.


Snack will be served to all students who attend. Snack will be offered at no-charge to students. 


Attendance is taken as part of the programming so regular attendance is an expectation. Attendance will be taken the by the teacher of each class and recorded in our after school database. 


If you have any questions about Learning Academy, please contact:

Karin Beckstrand
Youth Enrichment Coordinator